Let's paint your favorite place!

Connect the sea, sand, and waves with your inner artist in this online workshop. You will learn about techniques to paint different elements of seascapes, such as seafoam, rocks, waves, and more, plus tips on painting in person on the beach!

  • Step by step videos explaining what techniques to use

  • Create paintings of classic Oregon coastline

  • Unlimited course access - watch the lessons again and again whenever you like!

Course curriculum

    1. How to Use this Course

    2. Choosing Your Color Palette

    1. Basic Compositions

    2. Finding a composition in your photo

    3. Creating a composition in person

    1. Different Ocean Elements

    2. How to Paint Seafoam

    3. How to Paint Sand

    4. How to Paint Rocks

    5. How to Paint Ripples

    6. How to Paint Reflections on Water

    7. How to Paint Translucent Water

    8. How to Paint Waves

    1. Example Plein Air Setup Tour

    2. Example Plein Air Setup Supply List

    1. Reference Photo

    2. BONUS: Rockstacks at Sunset

About this course

  • $119.00
  • 17 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content


Elizabeth Zimmerman

Elizabeth first learned watercolors as a teenager at a Senior Center and has loved the medium ever since! Her art has won awards and has been featured on wine labels, books, and posters. She taught "Watercolors Made Easy" painting-along classes before the pandemic and is now moving her classes online so that many more people can learn how enjoyable watercolors truly can be!