Hey, traditional artists!

Don't let technology stand in your way. Learn how to use Procreate app on your iPad and save money on art supplies when problem solving a color or design issue when creating your next masterpiece!

  • Be confident creating a custom sized canvas!

  • Master using layers to refine your sketches!

  • Save time with all the shortcuts you will be learning in this course!

Course curriculum

    1. Week One: Lesson

    2. Download: Week One Lesson

    3. Week One: Class Video Replay

    4. Week One: Worksheet

    1. Week Two: Lesson

    2. Download: Week Two Lesson

    3. Week Two: Class Video Replay

    1. Week Three: Lesson

    2. Download: Week Three Lesson

    3. Week Three: Class Video Replay

    1. Week Four: Lesson

    2. Download: Week Four Lesson

    3. Week Four: Class Video Replay

    1. Week Five: Class Video Replay - Putting Everything Together

About this course

  • $125.00
  • 14 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content