Learn How to Paint a Peony

This online lesson can be used with your own materials or paired with "Watercolor Mini Kit: Peony Flower" which is currently available only when you contact Elizabeth.

Course curriculum

    1. How to Use This Course

    2. A Message from your Instructor

    3. Supplies You Will Need

    4. Watercolor Paint Colors

    5. Mixing Colors and Basic Techniques

    1. About the Peony Painting Lesson

    2. Outline of Peony Flower

    3. Value Study of Peony Flower

    4. Peony Flower Photo Reference

    1. Applying Masking Tape

    2. Painting Tips and Prepping Your Paint

    3. Swatching and Mixing for Your Painting

    1. Session 1

    2. Session 2

    3. Session 3

    4. Session 4

    5. Peeling Off Your Tape

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