Grab your paint brushes ...

This online workshop is perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about watercolors. Maybe you're looking for a new hobby or you're homeschooling your children and want to learn an art medium to teach them or if you want to just have fun with paint, then this is the online course for you!

  • Learn how watercolors have a personality

  • Curated supply lists that will fit every budget

  • Step by step instructions for different watercolor painting techniques

  • Unlimited course access - watch the lessons again and again whenever you like!

Course curriculum

    1. A Message from your Instructor

    2. How to Use This Course

    3. A Little Bit About Yourself

    4. Watercolor Terminology

    1. Minimum Materials for Watercolor Painting

    2. Extra Materials for Watercolor Painting

    3. All About Painting Palettes

    4. All About Watercolor Paints

    5. Varieties of Paint Brushes

    6. Anatomy of a Paint Brush

    7. All About Paint Brushes

    8. All About Watercolor Paper

    9. Watercolor Paper Examples: Block, Sketchbook, and Sheet

    10. All About Water Containers

    11. Materials Chapter Review Quiz

    12. Curated Supplies List

    1. Setting Up Your Painting Area

    2. How to Transfer Drawings to Watercolor Paper

    3. How to Hold Your Paint Brush

    4. How to Apply Masking Fluid

    5. How to Paint Over Masking Fluid

    6. How to Remove Masking Fluid

    7. Watercolor Paper Tests

    8. Swatching Watercolor Paints

    9. Swatching Mixed Watercolor Paints

    10. Creating a Color Wheel in Watercolors

    11. Watercolor Painting Techniques

    12. Watercolor Painting Techniques (written)

    13. Creating Neutrals from Primary and Secondary Colors

    14. Reference Photo and Outline Drawing for Painting only in Primary Colors

    15. Painting Demonstration using only Primary Colors - Part 1

    16. Painting Demonstration using only Primary Colors - Part 2

    17. Techniques Chapter Review Quiz

    18. More Watercolor Resources for You

    1. Reference Photo and Outline Drawing of Mt. Hood

    2. BONUS: Mt. Hood at Sunrise Demonstration

    3. What You've Discovered About Watercolors

About this course

  • $199.00
  • 37 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content

Invest in your creativity!

Learn watercolor painting today for a lifetime of creating.


Elizabeth Zimmerman

Elizabeth first learned watercolors as a teenager at a Senior Center and has loved the medium ever since! Her art has won awards and has been featured on wine labels, books, and posters. She taught "Watercolors Made Easy" painting-along classes before the pandemic and is now moving her classes online so that many more people can learn how enjoyable watercolors truly can be!